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We are a little family in love with the Nature and with the life around us, the one we find in fruits, flowers, trees, in the gaze of the animals, in the eyes of the children. We think that an 'agriturismo' is not an hotel in the countryside, but it is first of all a farm. Our purpose is to transmit to our guests the values and the serenity of yesterday’s jobs and activities. We think that this is important not only for the present, but also for the future of our children.


Ca’ del Buco

Our dream was to built a reality where the respect of Nature, the seasonality of the products and all those activities connected to agriculture were the most important things. Now we have 40 ha of land and we sell vegetables, fruit, cherries and chestnuts. Ca’ del Buco is also an educational farm with rabbits, goats and an horse.“La vita è bella” (Life is beautiful), says Roberto Benigni, this is our motto.

Where we are

We are completely immersed in the Nature, but we are not far from the city of Bologna. You can easily reach the city center by bus or by car. Here it is possible to experience the true rural lifestyle in an easy and sustainable way.


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