Three friends and a park of renewable energy

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Who welcomes you

We are Maurizio, Alessandro and Maria Chiara. Each one of us has left a job and an house to create this magnificent project. We want to prove that it is possible to live in a sustainable and yet comfortable way, minimizing our footprint. We have built the Parco dell'Energia Rinnovabile, which is also the place for our guests to try a no impact and yet relaxing lifestyle.

Maurizio, Alessandro and Maria Chiara

Parco dell’Energia rinnovabile

Here it is possible to stay in a relaxing and comfortable environment, and also learn how to reduce your carbon footprint. Everything has been planned to improve our energy saving and experiment new energy solutions; we verify their real economic and technical convenience and then we explain them in detail during the guided tours we organize. We are a model of an authentic and completely sustainable tourism business. We organize courses about life change, energy saving and housing efficiency.

Where we are

We organize activities to discover our beautiful Region, Umbria. Visits to the Petrified Forest of Dunarobba, the gorgeous Marmore Waterfall, the ruins of the roman city of Carsule and the roman cisterns of Amelia and Todi. For mountain biking and hiking lovers, we suggest the loop of Collicello (which can be 3,5 to 100 km long).


Co-living experiences
Coaching for entrepreneurial ideas
Coworking spaces and/or for business meetings
Courses about how to change life and work
Homebrewing workshops
Creative workshops for children
Educational Farm
Guided tours to discover the territory
Musical Activities
Outdoor activities
Wine and food tours

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