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Who welcomes you

We are Erika and Alessandro and we both come from conventional work experiences, but one day we have decided to change our life. We understood that the quality of life, the air we breath and food are important and they could make our life happier and healthier. For this reason we have chosen a new life in accordance with ethical values as harmony and sustainability.

Erika and Alessandro


Sant’Egle is an eco-friendly accommodation, no environmental impact, as it preserves biodiversity. WWF Italy has awarded Sant’Egle as the best farm of our country in terms of sustainability and biodiversity conservation. All the processes, the products and the supply sources are organic and respect humans, animals and plants' well being. What it is not produced by us is however produced locally and with organic methods.

Where we are

The area of Tuscany where we live is beautiful and wide. We have created a map of Tuscia and Maremma in order to make you discover it in the most original way. Tuscany is one of the most touristic regions in Italy, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be visited with authenticity.


Cooking courses
Guided tours to discover the territory
Homebrewing workshops
Psychophysical balance courses
Wine and food tours
Yoga courses

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